About Orthodontics

Orthodontics, whether with conventional fixed braces or clear aligner trays, is used to correct esthetics such as crooked, spaced, or crowded teeth. It can also prevent damage to teeth due to “bite” or malocclusion concerns, such an underbite or overbite.

What should patients look for when choosing a provider?

Choose a provider you trust where their years of experience guides you to the best outcome possible in having the smile you desire. There are several methods of correcting misaligned teeth such as "Fast Braces", conventional metal bracket type braces, and clear aligners like "Invisalign". Dr. Bernardy has attended a 2 year United States Dental Institute program in orthodontics and has over 20 years of orthodontic experience. In an orthodontic consult he will review your various options for orthodontic treatment so you can select what method is the right fit for you.

Why is orthodontics important?

A beautiful smile is always a great thing to share, "when you smile at the world, the world smiles back". Your great smile will improve your self confidence and will certainly open more doors then ever before. But there are other benefits that orthodontic correction can produce. Expanding a narrow upper arch in a growing child can prevent a severe overbite. A child who was a long term thumb sucker may have flared front teeth which can be corrected with orthodontics. Untreated adults can have malocclusions that have lead to TMJ/TMD (jaw joint) problems and pain. There are many benefits to having orthodontic correction of misaligned mal-occluding teeth.

At your free orthodontic consultation you will learn about your options are and receive an estimated length of treatment and cost. Once you are ready to begin treatment, a member of the Riverview Dental team will take orthodontic records consisting of intra and extra-oral photos, impressions or "models" of your teeth with either a digital scanner or with traditional impression material and digital x-rays.